Atlas Remote Control Diane Rp 1.380.000,00
Remote Diane is a specially designed remote control for use with the Diane ceiling fan model. This remote provides the convenience of wireless operation for your fan. With the Diane remote, you can control the fan speed, adjust the integrated lighting (if applicable), and easily turn the fan on or off. Its ergonomic and intuitive design makes it comfortable to use. Remote Diane is the perfect accessory to enhance your comfort and control over your Diane fan.
Minka Aire Downrod Artemis from Rp 1.772.000,00
Downrod or additional rod specifically for Artemis fans
Faro Faro Fan Lamp Equipment (Eterfan, Tube Fan, Just Fan) from Rp 2.109.000,00
lighting accessories or equipment specifically for Eterfan fans, Tube Fans, and Just Fans. the light source comes from a 17W 3000 LED incl
Minka Aire Artemis Ceiling Fan Remote Control. Rp 1.124.000,00
Remote and receiver, 3 speed, Light on/ off (suitable for LED, energy saving, incandescent bulbs use), Light weight and compact - 8.5 x 5 cm only, Self-learningRemote handheld control or special remote for artemis fans with the following features:- 3 speed levels- light on/off button (suitable for LED, energy saving and incandescent lamp use)
Atlas Downrod Atlas from Rp 946.000,00
Downrods or fan rods compatible with Atlas fans:- Acqua- Melodies- Diane
Fanimation lighting equipment Fanimation 3-light Bowl Fitter from Rp 2.764.000,00
Lighting equipment for fans from Fanimation 3-light Bowl Fitter, 3 x 40w E14 lights (not included)
Fanimation Fan Blade 36 Inch Rp 4.001.000,00
Get the exclusive collection of Distinction Blades, sized at 36 inches. Each set consists of 5 blade pieces, providing you with a complete solution. These blades are compatible with Windpointe, Islander, and Belleria fans, making it easy for you to replace and adjust the fan blades according to your needs. Enhance the appearance and performance of your ceiling fan with these elegant Distinction Blades. Experience the highest quality and elevate your fan's performance with these premium Distinction Blades.
Fanimation lighting equipment Low Profile Ceiling Fan from Rp 3.045.000,00
Low profile fan special lighting equipment
Fanimation lighting equipment Frosted Yellow/White Swirl Bowl Glass Rp 3.675.000,00
Lighting fixture with a diameter of 13 inches for damp locations
Fanimation lighting equipment Hand Painted Parrot Rp 2.830.000,00
Lighting equipment with a diameter of 13 inches
Fanimation Peralatan Lampu Clear Frosted Mosaic Bowl Glass Rp 3.674.000,00
Lighting fixture with a diameter of 13 inches for damp locations
Fanimation lighting equipment Frosted Tropical Bowl Glass Rp 3.418.000,00
Lighting equipment with a 13-inch diameter for damp locations.
Fanimation Fanimation Wall Control for 2 fans. Rp 1.359.000,00
Wall Control for 2 fans with 3-speed levels, specially designed for Fanimation fans.
Fanimation Fanimation Wall Control with Light Switch. Rp 1.359.000,00
Wall Control with 3-speed levels & light switch for Fanimation fan.
Minka Aire Simple Ceiling Fan Lighting Accessories Rp 2.267.000,00
Light kits or lighting equipment for Simple fans
Fanimation lighting equipment For The Zonix Ceiling Fan from Rp 2.169.000,00
Light Kits or lighting kits for The Zonix fans
Fanimation lighting equipment For Spitfire Ceiling Fan Rp 2.846.000,00
Lighting equipment or light kits specifically for spitfire fans
Fanimation Standard Fanimation Wall Control. Rp 1.325.000,00
Special wall control for Fanimation fan with 4-speed levels.
Fanimation Remote Control for Aqua Ceiling Fan Rp 1.278.000,00
Effortlessly Control Your Acqua Fan: Remote with 3 Speeds and Light Switch
Fanimation Fanimation Remote CRL4WH220 Rp 1.626.000,00
Fanimation Remote Control with 3 speed levels and light switch
Fanimation Remote Fansync Rp 1.943.000,00
Remote Fansync for fans from Fanimation- Bluetooth remote control speed with light on/off and dimming function.- Handheld transceiver (with wall bracket) and Apple / Android Fan Sync App- Mount the receiver in the fan canopy- Fansync app can control up to 5 fansSelengkapnya tentang teks sumber iniDiperlukan teks sumber untuk mendapatkan informasi terjemahan tambahan
Fanimation Zonix Blades Rp 2.154.000,00
Zonix Blades or fan leaves are sold in 1 set of 5 pcs, compatible for The zonix fans
Atlas Eliza Blades 56 Inch Rp 3.244.000,00
Eliza Blades 56 Inch specifically for Eliza fans
Fanimation Narrow Curve blades (Fan Leaves) from Rp 3.088.000,00
Narrow Curve blades (Fan Leaf) size 18 inch compatible for fans from fanimation. Sold as 1 set = 5 pcs. Compatible for Windpointe, Islander and Belleria fans
Lucci Air Lucci Air Downrod from Rp 600.000,00
Downrods or fan rods compatible with Lucci Air fans:- Airfusion Akmani- Airfusion Type A- Airfusion resorts- Airfusion Climate II
Fanimation Fan Blade 30 Inch Rp 3.960.000,00
Get the best quality and performance with this 30-inch Fan Blade to enhance your fan experience. Each set consists of 5 pieces of blades that are compatible with Windpointe, Islander, and Belleria fans, making it easier for you to replace and adjust the fan blades according to your needs.
Fanimation Fan Blade Spitfire 30 Inch Rp 7.438.000,00
Experience the natural beauty and elegant style with these specially crafted fan blades for the Spitfire fan. Made from high-quality wood, each fan blade measures 30 inches in size. Each set consists of 5 fan blades, providing a complete solution for your fan needs. Add a touch of natural beauty and premium quality to your Spitfire fan with these fan blades. Feel the beauty and comfort brought by the natural wood in your space.
Fanimation Narrow Oval Blades ( Daun Kipas ) from Rp 2.405.000,00
Narrow Oval blades (Fan Leaf) size 18 inch compatible for fans:- Punka- Islanders- The Belleria- The WindpointeSold as 1 set = 5 pcs
Fantastik Asia Downrod (1 inch ) - Fanimation from Rp 1.150.000,00
Additional fan rod with a 1-inch diameter. Compatible with all fans from the Fanimation brand.
fanimation Wide Oval Blades 22 " ( Fan Blades ) from Rp 2.800.000,00
Wide Oval blades (Fan Leaf) size 22 inch fan compatible;- Punka- Islanders- The Belleria- The WindpointeSold as 1 set = 5 pcs
schneider Clipsal Wall Plate E2000 - 2 Rp 497.280,00
Plat Dinding Soket Klasik Clipsal E2000 - 2ding
Hunter Pacific International 3 Speed Fan Speed Controller Rp 895.000,00
The 3-speed wall control is a versatile and high-quality product that fits a Clipsal 30 Series wall plate, making it easy to customize to your specific needs. With its durable construction and easy-to-use design, the 3-speed wall control is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and effective way to control the speed of their AC ceiling fan. Whether you need to cool down a room quickly or create a gentle breeze for a relaxing atmosphere, the 3-speed wall control is up to the task. So why wait? Invest in the best and enjoy the benefits of a perfectly controlled ceiling fan today!