BigAss Fans Kipas Angin Portable Yellow Jacket from Rp 5.553.000,00
The portable Yellow Jacket fan is an ideal solution for mobile cooling, workstations, and event spaces. With various mounting options, you can easily set it up in different locations. Available in 18-inch (45.7cm) and 36-inch (91.4cm) sizes, this fan efficiently directs the Yellow Jacket airflow to areas that require cooling. You can also mount it on columns or walls for airflow in floorless areas. If the fan gets dirty, it can be easily cleaned using a spray hose.Yellow Jacket is available in optional white and black designs to match your aesthetic preferences.Features of the Yellow Jacket fan:- Sturdy construction: Heavy-gauge steel frame and 1/8-inch (3mm) spiral steel guards that withstand the harshest environments and comply with OSHA standards. High-density polyethylene housing with vibration-damping properties reduces noise. The fan is also water-resistant.- Efficient fan blades: Three-dimensional progressive pitch blades made of high-performance nylon polyamide.- User-friendly: Equipped with a 10-foot (3m) cable and plug that fit standard outlets.- Speed control: Comes with either built-in speed control or remote-controlled options, allowing you to adjust the speed as needed.- Color options: Available in standard yellow color, with customization options to suit your preferences.- Flexible installation: Comes with a portable base with 8-inch (203mm) wheels and optional 18-inch and 36-inch (457mm and 914mm) bases for different heights. Optional mounting kits allow you to install the fan on walls, columns, beams, or ceilings.- 360-degree versatility: Features a position-locking mechanism for full 360-degree rotation.- Additional accessories: Optional misting system, oscillation kit, and oscillation feature are available.With the portable Yellow Jacket fan, you can enjoy efficient and comfortable cooling in various situations. Contact us now to order the Yellow Jacket fan or for more information.
BigAss Fans Cold Front Directional Fan from Rp 87.938.000,00
Heat can cripple your facility's production and endanger your people. The Cold Front evaporative cooler, also known as a mist or fog cooler, provides fast and effective response. Combining powerful and quiet direct-drive fan technology with water supply and cooling media, Cold Front delivers instant airflow that reduces room temperature by up to 33 °F (18 °C), creating a comfortable environment that keeps your employees safe and productive.Details:Cold Front 100/200Quickly cools indoor and outdoor spaces up to 33 °F (18 °C)Ideal for spot cooling at workstations, stations, and patiosOptions for ultra-quiet motor (100) and high speed (200)4-inch (10 cm) resin-treated cooling mediaDual 10-inch (25 cm) fan diameter8-gallon (30-liter) water reservoir lasts up to 3 hours without a hose connectionCovers an area of up to 75 metersCold Front 300Quickly cools indoor and outdoor spaces up to 33 °F (18 °C)Suitable for workshops, garages, and studiosLarge swivel castors for easy mobility8-inch (20 cm) resin-treated cooling media18-inch (46 cm) fan diameter16-gallon (62-liter) water reservoir lasts up to 4 hours without a hose connectionCold Front 400/401Quickly cools indoor and outdoor spaces up to 33 °F (18 °C)Perfect for production facilities, outdoor dining, and gymsOptions for variable speed motor (400) or single speed (401)8-inch (20 cm) cooling media for the 400 model or 6-inch (15 cm) for the 40136-inch (91 cm) fan diameter46-gallon (174-liter) water reservoir lasts up to 10 hours without a hose connectionCold Front 500Quickly cools indoor and outdoor spaces up to 33 °F (18 °C)Ideal for large warehouses, service areas, and stadiums8-inch (20 cm) resin-coated cooling media50-inch (127 cm) fan diameter64-gallon (242-liter) water reservoir lasts up to 10 hours without a hose connectionBuilt-in LED control panel with occupancy sensorSpecifications:Water Capacity:100/200: 8 gallons (30.3 liters)300: 16 gallons (60.6 liters)400/401: 46 gallons (174 liters)500: 64 gallons (242 liters)Ampere:100: 1.5 A200: 2.7 A300: 4.1 A400: 8 A500: 16.5 AAirflow and Coverage:100: 600-1200 cfm & 56 meters200: 900-1800 cfm & 75 meters300: 700-2800 cfm & 111 meters400: 6400-9700 cfm & 334.5 meters500: 16,500-24,000 cfm & 604 metersSound Level:100: 60 dBA200: 75 dBA300: 63 dBA400: 61 dBA500: 60 dBAWeight in kg:100/200: 23.1 kg300: 45.4 kg400: 99.8 kg500: 167.8 kgInlet Water Supply Pressure: 120 PSI Max
BigAss Fans Aireye Fan from Rp 31.770.000,00
AirEye™ provides powerful airflow and precise motion activation exactly where you need it, enhancing comfort and productivity in any industrial space.Features:- AirEye Occupancy Sensor (AEOS) - Available occupancy sensor using passive infrared detection to activate AirEye only when needed, providing energy savings and easy operation.- Motor - Electronic commutation motor delivers up to 50% more CFM per watt than traditional induction motors. IP65 rating.- Cage and Blades - OSHA-compliant steel wire cage and precision-balanced blades provide 20% more airflow with 10% less noise compared to traditional personal industrial fans. Blades made of galvalume steel.- Control Options - Unlimited variable speed control offers greater versatility than standard two-speed pull chain or rocker switch. Available timer control allows airflow for up to 10 hours (not recommended for use with AEOS).- Sizes - 20 inches (457 mm), 24 inches (610 mm), or 30 inches (762 mm).- Construction - Modular assembly accommodates various installation options: wall mounting, I-Beam mounting, C-Channel mounting, Mobile Pedestal, and Pivot mounting. All mounts made of steel.- Color and Durability - Black cage with high-visibility yellow motor and blades. Double-layer E-coat primer and industrial-grade powder coat ensure durability even in harsh environments.- Power Supply - 18-foot (5.5 m) cable connected to a standard outlet.Specifications:Brand: Big Ass FansSize: 20 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches.Weight: 20 inches (15 kg), 24 inches (17.5 kg), 30 inches (20.5 kg).Max Ampere: 20 inches (4.6 A), 24 inches (4.8 A), 30 inches (4.9 A).Max Power: 20 inches (326 W), 24 inches (334 W), 30 inches (345 W).Max Speed: 20 inches (1220 RPM), 24 inches (1290 RPM), 30 inches (1280 RPM).Service Warranty: 1 YearMotor Warranty: 5 YearsParts Warranty: 1 Year
BigAss Fans Portable Blackjack Fan Rp 284.270.000,00
We have designed the Black Jack® fan to fit standard interior doors and equipped it with a sturdy steel frame and all-terrain rubber wheels for both indoor and outdoor use. This fan features dual-sided handles for easy maneuverability in various locations, from busy auto shops to outdoor weddings and fitness centers.Features:- Construction: Pre-assembled 6.5 ft (2 meters) steel frame with OSHA-compliant cage for heavy-duty protection; all-terrain rubber wheels.- Power Supply: 25 ft (7.6 meters) cable and plug to fit standard power supply; optional 10 ft (3 meters) cable available.- Motor and Controls: Direct drive motor for ultra-quiet operation; variable speed control.- Airflow: Provides airflow spanning one-third the length of a football field (120 ft or 36.6 meters).Specifications:- Diameter: 6.5 ft (2 meters)- Motor: ECM- Input Power and Required Breaker: 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 Φ, 10 A- Ampere: 5.6-4.6 A- Maximum Wattage: 466 W- Sound Level at Highest Speed: 64 dBA- Weight: 141 kgThe Black Jack® fan delivers reliable performance and is designed for heavy-duty environmental needs.
BigAss Fans Airgo Portable Fan Rp 402.998.000,00
The AirGo 2.0 fan from Big Ass Fans is the ideal solution for providing fresh and comfortable airflow in various environments. With its innovative design and advanced features, this fan delivers powerful and cool air circulation.The AirGo 2.0 fan is equipped with efficient and durable blades, as well as a powerful and long-lasting motor. Its portable and lightweight design allows for easy transportation to different locations as needed.With variable speed control, you can adjust the desired airflow intensity. The fan also features a comfortable handle and a long power cable, making it convenient to use and maneuver in large spaces.The AirGo 2.0 fan by Big Ass Fans can be used in various settings, including outdoor events, sports areas, construction sites, and more. With its reliable performance and rugged design, this fan is the perfect choice for providing coolness and comfort in your environment.Features:- Construction: Pre-assembled 8 ft (2.4 m) steel frame and OSHA-compliant cage for protection in harsh environments.- Power Supply: 25 ft (7.6 m) cable and standard plug; optional 10 ft (3 m) cable available.- Motor and Controls: Direct-drive motor for quiet operation; variable speed control.- Airflow: Provides airflow that spans one-third the length of a football field (120 ft or 36.6 m).- Environment: Wet-rated for indoor or outdoor use (IPX5).- Maintenance: Washdown construction for easy cleaning.- Colors: Airgo 2.0: Standard yellow or white; custom colors available.- Accessories: Mister accessory provides ultra-fine mist to reduce temperature by up to 25°F (14°C); All Terrain Package features large wheels, wider base, and four-wheel steering.Specifications:- Motor: ECM- Diameter: 8 ft (2.4 meters)- Max Watt: Airgo 2.0 (469 watts)- Weight (kg): Airgo 2.0 (193 kg)- Max Speed: 210 RPM- Sound at highest speed: 64 dBA- Input power and required breaker: 200–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 Φ, 10 A- Ampere: Airgo 2.0 (5.6–4.7 A)
BigAss Fans Directional Sidekick Fan Rp 200.576.000,00
The MOST ADVANCED BARREL FAN EVER MADE. Designed to bring mobile comfort to almost any space, Sidekick is your best facility choice for direct airflow on the go. Its six-blade design and permanent magnet motor move more air than any other barrel fan on the market with top-class energy efficiency and whisper-quiet operation.Lightweight and impact-resistant, Sidekick offers optimal maneuverability with two locking swivel casters, large handle, and convenient 12-foot power cord. With a 4-foot width, Sidekick is perfectly sized for your power needs and easy storage when not in use.Features:● 48-inch fan diameter (122 cm) with a 55-inch cage (140 cm)● Durable steel frame with ventilated HDPE cage compliant with OSHA standards● Six blades made of glass-filled nylon● Four 6-inch (152 mm) wheels and swivel casters for easy mobility in tight spaces● Permanent magnet direct-drive motor with infinite variable speed control● IPX5 rating● Produces up to 15,000 CFM of powerful directed airflow.